February 2024

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Lots of familiar faces at Greenwood’s Vintage Vault


By Corbin Crable


Don’t be surprised if you walk into The Vintage Vault in Greenwood, MO, and see a few familiar faces.

The antique and vintage store, which opened Nov. 1, brought with it several vendors from Big Creek Antique, Vintage and Décor before that store closed. Now, Vintage Vault owner Sherry Zans says the small team of dedicated vendors feel like a family – having dubbed themselves ‘The Breakfast Club,’ the group’s members regularly meet for breakfast at McDonald’s and then head over to The Vintage Vault. Zans credits Big Creek owner Steve Compton with blessing her with the group of dedicated vendors, and with doing his part to spread the word about her store.

“Steve did a fantastic job of keeping the place full, and customers loved coming in there,” Zans says. “I feel blessed they are able to come with me.”

Previously, Zans, herself a former vendor, had to move out of the store she occupied when the owner put the building up for sale.

“There’s a group of vendors who are senior citizens, and they were so upset they weren’t going to be able to stay together,” Zans explained. “I told my husband, ‘The only way to keep everyone together is to open our own shop. I am a nurse by background, and I’ve worked with the elderly. I thought, ‘I have to do this. I have to keep the band together.’ And they’re a great group of people.”
Zans says she thinks the store’s wide variety of items will keep customers coming back time and again.


Gingerbread cookies

You'll find an amazing variety on offer at Vintage Vault.

Gingerbread cookies

The Vintage Vault on Main


“We have some boutique items like purses and handbags. We have Lazy Ones, which is a clothing line that sells pajamas, slippers, men’s boxers. We have jewelry and stuff for kids. We also have a lot of handcrafted items, like crocheted stuff, lotions, and lip balms.”
And if you feel a little peckish while shopping, Zans says she’s got you covered.

“We do have popcorn. We have a couple ladies who sell it,” she says. “We also have a couple that sell cookies for a nonprofit for fentanyl awareness.”

The store has enjoyed robust business during its first two months of serving the community. The feedback she’s received from customers so far has been glowing.

“They like the open space, they love the variety,” Zans says. “We do have a really big variety for any age. And they like the feel of the store, the layout. It’s easy to maneuver and not overcrowded.”

And, like most small towns, the other antique shops in Greenwood are known for supporting one another. The Vintage Vault has already been on the receiving end of that support.

“The local shops have all been very supportive,” Zans says. “They’ve always sent customers our way, and I’m incredibly thankful for that.”

And who knows? While shopping, you might just bump into one of Zans’ many vendors and who work together to bring the store to life.

“We call each other family. We’re just really close,” Zans says. “If someone needs something, we’re always there to help.”
Located at 1303 W. Main St., for more information, call The Vintage Vault at 816-533-2546.

** The Big Creek Antiques building is for sale! 509 Main St Greenwood, MO  Spread the word!


Gingerbread cookies

Primitive handmade bowls

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