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Vintage campers ready for summer adventures

By Corbin Crable

As temperatures grow warmer and nature calls out to you for yet another summer adventure, many longtime camping enthusiasts are gassing up their vintage campers and hitting the road. The camper had been around since was invented in the 1930s as modes of transportation began an era of steady improvement. Although production of the camper slowed during World War II (the materials needed to be conserved for the war effort), campers exploded in popularity in the years immediately following the war’s end in 1945, as suburbs sprang up around the country and soldiers returned home to start their family.

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A Message From Our Editor

Let’s go camping this summer

by Corbin Crable

With the arrival of summer, it only seems appropriate that our editorial content in this issue include ways to welcome the season for which we have been waiting. Our cover story, a piece on vintage campers, shows that for decades, families have hit the open road in search of adventure, whether it’s on the other side of their state or around the country.

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