Lady Head Vases

A Head Above The Rest

Lady head vases brought a touch of class to one’s home


By Corbin Crable

They added a dash of finesse to any floral arrangement. An instant conversation starter, they exuded style and fashion – above the neck, that is.


Lady head vases – also referred to as ‘lady head planters’ — were hot items in well-decorated homes for several decades, especially in postwar America. Now, they’re found in cyberspace on auction house websites, with some whose beauty is only matched by their dollar value.

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A Message From Our Editor

Items crafted in Occupied Japan were designed to kick-start the postwar economy


by Corbin Crable

Made in Japan

If you’re a collector of ceramics and porcelain, it’s likely that you’ve checked on the bottom of that item you browsed in your local antique store, searching for information on the company or artist that made it. Sometimes, you might have been greeted by a stamp that simply read, “Made in Occupied Japan,” (often abbreviated as ‘OJ’), “Made in Japan,” or “Japan.”


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Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash