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Kansas museum’s exhibit features works from Midcentury Modern designer Paul McCobb

By Corbin Crable

The Johnson County (KS) Museum has brought back the simplicity and style of midcentury modern design with its exhibit on industrial designer Paul McCobb.

The museum’s exhibit, Paul McCobb: American Designer, which opened in May and runs through Jan. 8, 2022, features several pieces from the personal collection of Kansas City area resident Samuel Hildreth, showcasing McCobb’s versatility as a midcentury modern designer and his legacy as a man who filled postwar houses with items that pieced together the American Dream.

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by Corbin Crable

A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a gentleman buying vintage toys here in Overland Park. He had set up shop at a local hotel and would greet dozens of sellers every day for a week, analyzing the condition and worth of the items they brought in to sell. Many people who hauled in large totes and boxes of items to sell appeared fairly confident that they had treasures worth a fortune, only to be turned away because their items were too common, not old enough, or in poor condition. Others left the toy show looking quite pleased with themselves.
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