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Honoring the dead

Dia de los Muertos has colorful traditions, history in both Mexico ,  U.S.


By Corbin Crable

Very soon, get ready to enjoy a holiday with colorful costumes, delicious food, and celebrations centered around spirits.

No, Halloween enthusiasts, not that one – the other one.

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday with traditions thousands of years old that began in what is now known as Mexico

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A Message From Our Editor

Item tied to former Kansas mayor, his family


by Corbin Crable

Last weekend I enjoyed my first visit to Merchant Square in Independence, MO, where I had the pleasure of interviewing Jace Sanders, the antique mall’s owner.

Before approaching the front counter to meet him, I browsed the aisles (each one named after a street, attraction or famous person associated with the area). In a booth within the ‘Harry Truman’ aisle, I came across a small item, which I have found myself researching ever since.


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Wallet image Photo by Jonathan Duran on Unsplash