January 2022

Red Wing Collectors Society Stoneware & Antiques Weekend

A fun weekend of buying, selling and trading stoneware will take place Feb 4-6 at the Isle Casino Hotel in Bettendorf. The event will be the 25th Annual MidWinter Weekend of the Red Wing Collectors Society. Always well-attended, this year attendees will also enjoy added events.

A show and sale and auction will be FREE and open to the public on Saturday, Feb 5 starting at 1:00 at the Hotel. Room sales will begin Thursday, Feb. 3. A Saturday evening “Trifecta of Fun” will be added this year that includes Pizza and a Game Night with many nice prizes!

Room sales, special room rates, educational seminars, and a “Wine and Dine” social time is included with a small registration fee for RWCS members.

For more information, please go to RedWingCollectors.org/rwcs-calendar-of-events/rwcs-midwinter or call 651-388-4004.

pottery and stoneware redwing collectors

Pottery pieces aplenty can be found at the Red Wing Midwinter Weekend, taking place Feb. 4-6 in Bettendorf. (Image courtesy of The Collectors Journal)