May 2022

Everything Old

Let’s go camping this summer

by Corbin Crable


Arrival of Summer

With the arrival of summer, it only seems appropriate that our editorial content in this issue include ways to welcome the season for which we have been waiting. Our cover story, a piece on vintage campers, shows that for decades, families have hit the open road in search of adventure, whether it’s on the other side of their state or around the country.

Bewilderment of Camping

I haven’t always been a fan of camping. When I was in Cub Scouts, I remember harboring feelings of bewilderment that anyone could possibly enjoy sleeping in a tent in the forest, surrounded by strange noises and the potential for bug bites around every corner. The concept of gathering around a campfire and your clothes smelling like smoke for multiple washings afterward sounded awful, and I missed the comforts that television, air conditioning, appliances and electricity provided.

Modern-day Camper

Of course, that would be considered “roughing it,” I think, when compared to the modern-day camper, which provides those comforts while still allowing its owners to enjoy the beauty, sounds and serenity of nature. When I entered adulthood, I gave camping another try – this time, with a camper in tow, and I was both surprised and relieved to find that I was now a fan! In fact, my one “bucket list” item in retirement is to buy an RV and drive across the country (thankfully, I have a couple of friends who have expressed a desire to join me, though I’m certain we’ll make plenty of friends along the way). It will feel like the great American road trip on steroids.

Online Tips and Tricks

What you’ll learn in this issue is that the appeal of the camper and camping itself is greater than its very history. There even exists an online community of people who own vintage campers and trade tips, tricks, and tales of their outdoor exploits. The Internet in general and social media specifically have provided a place where these enthusiasts can get together and discuss their love of vintage campers and how to keep them in good repair so they can lengthen their life on the open road.



Meetup groups for Camper and RV lovers

There are even meetup groups for camper and RV lovers, allowing them to connect with one another from across the miles. With names like Camper Connections and Alumapalooza, there’s sure to be at least one in your region.

Thanks to these groups of like-minded people, we can enjoy the great outdoors while connecting with others along the way. Exploration is more fun in groups.

It’s also more fun with some of the conveniences of home, allowing you to focus on the beauty and splendor of nature without having to worry about having your basic living needs met. Save that struggle for participants on reality TV shows!

Avid Camper

If you’re an avid camper, may you enjoy a summer of adventure and new, exciting experiences. May you enjoy the thrill of a road trip with your old friends and revel in the joy of making new ones. And may you always return home with a head full of lifelong memories and entertaining tales of the open road on your lips.


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