December 2021

Everything Old

A new website for Christmas

by Corbin Crable


The holidays are upon us, and in the hustle and bustle that they inevitably bring, I wanted to make you aware of a few changes to Discover Vintage America’s presence in cyberspace.

The holidays also bring with them an opportunity for rejuvenation and renewal (think of all of those annual resolutions for the new year). We’ve been incredibly thankful all year long for the loyal subscribers, readers, and advertisers who have stuck with us throughout the global uncertainty of the past year, and as the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, what better time to give our website a fresh look than right now?

Discover Vintage America’s publisher, Patti Klinge, has spent the past few months consulting with an experienced web design guru at our local community college to make several noticeable tweaks to our website, all of which we hope will make your experience in browsing our content, both past, and present, infinitely easier and more enjoyable.


First, please note that our URL itself has changed – you now may find us at When you land on our homepage, you’ll notice that our regular cover feature takes center stage.

Directly above the dominant visual image that accompanies the cover feature is the navigation bar, which breaks up our content into sections: “news,” “shows/events,” “features,” “directory” (which redirects users to The Antiques Finder), “advertise,” and “about us.”Also at the top of the homepage, you’ll find our phone and e-mail contact information, as well as a link that will send you to our Facebook page.

Scroll down, past the cover feature, and you’ll see our regular features categorized by writer. Our team of writers – that’s Anne Gilbert, Peggy Whiteneck, Sandra Starley, and Michelle Staley – each of whom possess a specific area of expertise in the industry and who are kind enough to lend their tips and advice in buying, selling, and pricing antiques, have several decades of combined experience in writing their column for us. I’m constantly in awe of their knowledge and talents.


Finally, past the listing of our regular columns for that issue, our display advertisements await the user at the bottom of our page, ready to redirect them to the merchant’s individual website or social media page.

We think you’ll find our new, updated website attractive and easy to use, whether you’re visiting us to read a column from your favorite contributor or you’re stopping by to check out the shows and events coming soon to your town.

Personally, I feel that our retooled website is symbolic of this publication’s perseverance in the face of a difficult time for all of us. Like the antiques industry itself, we’ve faced a challenging year but have come through to the other side stronger and more resilient. This new website is proof of the wonderful things you can accomplish when you keep your focus on moving forward. And, of course, we are ever thankful to you, our readers and advertisers, for your feedback, which was instrumental in making this redesign work.

Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us at Discover Vintage America! May the new year bring you peace, strength, and a renewed spirit.

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