March 2024

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“NASA: Space Flight Research and
Pioneering Developments” By Hans-Jüergen Becker

By Corbin Crable


Those fascinated by what exists beyond Earth’s atmosphere are sure to gobble up Hans- Jüergen Becker’s tome “NASA: Space Flight Research and Pioneering Developments.”

The agency we know today as NASA actually began as NACA, The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, more than a century ago in 1915. Becker’s book recounts the history of the agency’s aerospace research, including the first supersonic flight of the X-1 in 1947 and the flights of the X-15 (the fastest manned aircraft, which reached nearly seven times the speed of sound in 1967).
Becker focuses on the agency’s research of aviation, but even the testing of space shuttles have been covered in the book.

Becker devotes words and images not only to space flight research throughout NASA’s history, but also to the people who made such innovation possible – the men and women of NASA itself. Becker’s book is well-rounded out by deep dives into research trends and development sites related to space flight and exploration.

“NASA: Space Flight and Pioneering Developments” is well suited for both the NASA enthusiast and those readers new to exploring the history of aeronautics. It is sure to be a handy compendium as NASA’s focus on the Artemis II program readies for its crewed flight next year and the public’s attention once again turns to the wonder and mystery of outer space.


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“NASA: Space Flight Research and Pioneering Developments”

By Hans-Jüergen Becker


About the author

Hans-Jüergen Becker has been fascinated with aeronautics since childhood, including the developments in air and space flight by NASA. He has been writing about his passion since the 1980s.

About the publisher

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