September 2021

Trailside Center to mark Santa Fe Trail’s
anniversary with festival

The Trailside Center will be one of several organizations celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail this year.

The center will host a festival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 18. The event will include guest speakers, live music, and items related to the trail’s history on display.

The Trailside Center, located at Trailside Center at 99th and Holmes Road in Kansas City, sits adjacent to one of the original trails heading west. The center, a non-profit organization, provides educational resources for trail and Civil War afficionados.

For more information, contact the Trailside Center 816-942-3581 or e-mail

Kansas City’s Trailside Center hosts many speakers and events each year related to the Santa Fe Trail and the Civil War. The center will host a festival celebrating the trail’s 200th anniversary this September. (photo courtesy of