October 2021

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‘Victorian Costume for Ladies, 1860-1910’ (2nd Ed.)

by Linda Setnik


As the world neared the 20th century during the late Victorian Era, a chapter in the history of women’s fashion was about to come to an end. With a renewed interest in Victorian fashion during recent years, author Linda Setnik’s “Victorian Costume for Ladies, 1860-1910” examines in depth the clothing that made the modern woman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Victorian Era ended with the death of Great Britain’s Queen Victoria in 1901, whose long reign was marked by significant strides in a variety of fields, from the sciences to literature. The era itself was also known for its strict, conservative social and moral values in just about every facet of life.
The second edition of Setnik’s book includes added notes about what a fashionable Victorian woman would wear, both at home and out in public.

Setnik’s examinations are exhaustive in a variety of subcategories, including undergarments, casual wear, evening attire, common dress, hairstyles, and jewelry, as well as their influence on the physical, mental, and social lives of the women who wore them. Setnik’s research for “Victorian Costume” comes from beauty, etiquette, household and medical literature. Chapters on personal hygiene, cosmetics, clothing manufacturers, and laundry round out the numerous offerings of this book.

The second edition specifically adds 30 high-quality images not included in the first edition. Setnik’s writing style and the book’s overall presentation are accessible for the casual reader with a passing interest in Victorian women’s fashion, yet rich enough in detail to satisfy professionals such as museum curators, genealogists, theatrical costumers, and historians.

About the author

Linda Setnik graduated from Cal State University Northridge with honors in history. Having a lifelong love for women’s social history and clothing, she’s delved through thousands of period photographs as well as examined Victorian clothing in detail.

About the publisher

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Size: 8 ½” x 11”, 2nd Ed., 385 color and 54 b/w photographs, including 30 unique to this edition, price guide, 176 pages, ISBN13: 9780764339721, binding: soft cover, price: $29.99